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Respect. Reflection. Remembrance On March 12, 1943, a U.S. Army Air Corps B-17 left Salina, KS, bound for Florida. At 3:40pm, the aircraft went down in a field near Sheridan, AR, killing all nine crew aboard. Less than a year later, the crash- site was marked with a stone, but it soon became overgrown and was forgotten for decades. In 2011, a concerted volunteer effort gave birth to a new memorial park featuring a full-scale replica of the ill-fated B-17. The park is open to the public. For guided tours, call Gary (870-942-5518), Don (870-917-9517) or Nelson (501-425-1827). 1846 Grant 51, Sheridan, AR 72150 34o22'48.68"N, 92o26'25" B17memorialparksheridan/ Ad paid for through the generosity of 57 

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