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Located a few miles east of Star City on Highway 293, Cane Creek State Park is a haven for ang-lers and nature lovers, with camp sites and plenty of facilities. Anchored by Cane Creek Lake, this is a 2,053-acre park. You won’t see the Gould, Grady, Fresno Triangle on a map, but if you’re a hun- ter, you need to know about it. Prime duck country is located within an invisible line that connects these towns. Grady and Gould are located on Highway 65; Fresno is located at the junction of Highways 11 and 114. Traveling west take State Highway 114 to Rison, where the stately Cleveland County Courthouse reigns as the city’s most popular National Historic Register site. Pioneer Village at Rison is a restoration of a typical south Arkansas community during the late 1800s. Take U. S. Highway 79 south to Kingsland, birthplace of entertainer Johnny Cash, and pick up State Highway 97 to visit Marks’ Mill Battleground State Historic Site (Civil War) at the junction with State Highway 8. Return to Highway 9 and travel southwest to just above Fordyce, where you take U.S. Highway 167 north to continue the tour. Grant County The tour continues as you travel Highway 167 to Crossroads where a side trip on County Road 8 will take you over to State High- way 46 and the Jenkins’ Ferry State Historic Site. A Civil War battle took place during the Union Army’s Red River Cam- paign at Jenkins’ Ferry. Leaving this historic site take Highway 46 into Sheridan, the county seat of Grant County. The Grant County Museum and Heritage Village, featuring restored building and displays of county history, are located just off of Highway 46 in Sheridan. By taking U.S. Highway 270 to Prattsville and the Harper Arabian Farm you can tour one of the South’s finest breeding and training centers for Arabian horses. Just south of Sheridan at Leola the Dorey Fish Company raises fish for the table. Float fishermen are fond of the stretch of Saline River from the northwestern corner of Grant County to Jenkins’ Ferry near the county’s southern border. Cox Creek Lake in the western part of the county is another favorite fishing spot. Our tour con- cludes with a return to Pine Bluff via Highway 270. 41 

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